Where to find us

In our shops we provide :
House Keys
Car Keys (all kinds including immobilizer keys for all brands including mercedes , bmw , vw , toyota etc…)
Car Accessories (more stock in Alexandrou Papagou 84)
Car number plates (express service in Agapinoros 67)
Car insurance ( Alexandrou Papagou 84)
Rubber Stamps (express service in Agapinoros 67)
Engravings (with laser machines and routers)
Dog tags / army tags
Diy (more in shop in Alexandrou Papagou 84)

Visit our shops for more help on security locks and how to protect your house from burglaries!

We have two shops working from Monday-Saturday making it easier for our customers from different areas to visit us!

Give us a call on 00357-99527042 / 00357 99423754 / 00357 99405030 / 00357 99457414 / 00357 26938003 if for any reason you cannot find your way to us!

Find us On Agapinoros 67 K. Paphos 00357 99527042
Find us On Alexandrou Papagou 84 Paphos 00357 99457414

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